February has begun very chilly and windy.   We are hearing of all the people around us who are losing power and being flooded out and we need to be thankful that we are warm and dry and fed.  All those little things of life are to be cherished because they could very easily disappear.

In our thankfulness, we also need to reach out to those who don’t have what we have.  I am always glad to tell people about what this church is doing in terms of mission work.  We give to the usual projects, America for Christ, One Great Hour of Sharing and World Missions.  We also give to the White Cross work and to UNICEF.  Above and beyond that we reach out to individual families that we know are in need.  Some might say that that is enough.

Today, I want to challenge you to do more.  There are people out there who need to hear the Word of God and find out what God’s Love is like.  They live in a world that is full of things but short on hope.  You could make a difference for them by speaking a kind word, or being a listening ear, or just being the friend that is always there when no one else seems to be.


There are some who will say, what difference can I make.  I am only one person.  The difference you make by smiling at someone and telling them thank you or asking how they are and sticking around to find out is enormous.  You may even being saving a life.  One smile, one kind word, one encouragement can make a great difference.  We just need to try.

Esther was just one person, but God placed her in a position to save an entire group of people.  Her cousin Mordeci told her that very thing when he asked her to step forward and act.

This is the only book in the Bible that does not mention God by name.  It is more about what people do then what God does.  People who are placed somewhere for a reason and choose to act or not, that is the theme.  Esther chose to act and saved her people.

What made her so brave?  How did she do it?   What was the outcome?  For those answers you will have to read the story.  But I will tell you this.  The people thought that this was such an important story that a festival was made to celebrate it.  The festival is mentioned at the end of the book.  See if you can find that reference.

The message is this, we are all given the gift of God’s love in abundance.  Therefore, we should go out and share it abundantly.  What a different world we would be living in if everyone did that!